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Joginpally B.R. Pharmacy College (JBCP) was Established in the year of 2007, under the management of JBR Educational Society, a prominent trust committed to imparting quality Education.
JBCP is approved by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), (Ministry of Human Resources, Government of India) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI). The college is affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad (JNTUH), AP, India The college is situated in a serene locality well connected with adequate transport facility to different parts of the city. The college has a well designed building equipped with laboratories, classrooms, and seminar halls built to meet AICTE and PCI regulations.
The college has well-experienced learned and skilled professors, Associate professors, Assistant Professors and lecturers spearheaded by the Principal, Dr.J.V.C .Sharma, who is having 22 years of experience worked in various pharmacy college in India & Abroad and involved in the development of health care systems. The college library is spacious with several thousands of reference books and journals, national and international, related to pharmacy and allied fields and Digital library with Internet connection.
At present the college offers four years B.Pharm course with annual intake of 120 students and two years M.Pharm course in two specializations namely Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance with an intake of 24 students in each branch with so much to offer, it is only natural that students of JBCP get a unique opportunity to carve a niche for themselves in their chosen field of study that enables them to become well-rounded and discerning citizens, fully qualified for their chosen professions in the workplace.

Dr.J.V.C Sharma M.Pharm, Ph.D,

Faculty List

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Department
1 Dr.J.V.C. Sharma Principal & Professor Ph.D Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry
2 Dr.V.Mohan Goud Professor Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
3 Dr. P. Nagaraju Professor Ph.D Pharmaceutics
4 Prof U Vykuntam Professor Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
5 Dr. Ch B Praveena Devi Associate Professor Ph.D Pharm. Chemistry
6 Dr. P Vishnu Priya Associate Professor Ph.D Ph.biotechnology
7 Mr. V.S.S.S. Gupta Atyam Associate Professor M.Pharm Pharmacology
8 8 M Shyamala Assistant Professor M.Pharm Ph.analysis
9 A Swarupa Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
10 ANV Sunitha Assistant Professor M.Pharm Ph.chemistry
11 S D Shalini Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
12 B Chaitanya Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
13 Lakshmi Naganathan Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacognosy
14 Linga Kumara Swamy Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacology
15 B V Phani Deepthi Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
16 B Anusha Assistant Professor M.Pharm Ph. analysis
17 M Sreekanth Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacology
18 Y N L Nikila Assistant Professor M.Pharm Ph.chemistry
19 G Lakshmi Devi Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
20 S Shravya Assistant Professor Pharm.D Ph.chemistry
21 A V S Rajeshwari Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
22 P Jayasree Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacology
23 T Fatima Assistant Professor M.Pharm Ph.chemistry
24 Meena Kumari Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacology
25 M.suneetha Assistant Professor M.Pharm


26 K Maheswari Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmaceutics
27 P Sirisha Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharm. Analysis & Q.A
28 C R Prathyusha Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharm. Analysis
29 G Jemimah Assistant Professor M.pharm Pharmacology
30 N Deepika Assistant Professor M.pharm Pharmacology
31 DR G Harika Assistant Professor Pharm.D Pharm D
32 Dr. M Sriswetha Assistant Professor Pharm D Pharm D
33 Dr. P Navya Assistant Professor Pharm D Pharm D
34 G sudha rani Assistant Professor M.Pharm Pharmacognosy
35 V Lalini Assistant Professor M.Sc Maths S&H
36 J Aswini Assistant Professor M.Sc Chemistry S&H

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So. No. Name Qualification Designation
1. Mrs. T. Deena laxmi M.A, B.Ed. Administrative officer
2. Mr. M. Purushotham M.A, M.Li.Sc Librarian
3. Mr. K. Kumar M.Com, B.Ed. Account officer
4. Mr. V Kiran Kumar B. Tech System Admin.
5. Mr. A.S.N. Murthy B. Com Asst.  Librarian
6. Ms. M. Swetha D.Pharm. Lab Technician
7. Ms. M. Laxmi Divya B.Sc Lab Technician
8. Mr. K. Shashank Reddy B. Com Asst.Sys Admin
9. Mr. D. Sajneev Kumar B.Sc. B.Ed Lab Technician
10. Mr. B. Mallesh ITI Lab Asst
11. Mr. B. Suresh SSC Lab Attender

Professional Bodies

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Research and Development

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Faculty Publications for Academic year 2010-12:
Sl. No. Title Corresponding Author Journal name Year
1. Effect of binders, lubricants and fillers on drug release from Diltiazem Hydrochloride bi-layered matrix tablets obtained by direct compression and granulation technique Nagaraju.Potnuri International Journals of Pharmacy 2012
2. Design and evaluation of Diltiazem hydrochloride matrix tablets by using gum olibanum Nagaraju.Potnuri Scholars Research library 2011
3. A facile synthesis of flavone derivatives used as potent anti-inflammatory agents Gupta Atyam VSSS International Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2011
4. Screening of Madhuca indica for Antidiabetic activity in Streptozotocin-Nicotinamide induced Diabetic rats Gupta Atyam VSSS International Journal of Pharmatech research 2011
5. Synthesis, antimicrobial6and pharmacological evaluation of substituted novel benzimidazoles V. Mohan Goud Scholars Research library 2011
6. In-vitro anti cancer activity of aqueous extracts of Tridaxprocumbens leaf on PC3 cell lines Vishnupriya P International Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2011
7. Evaluation of In-vitro free radical scavenging activity of different organic extracts of Parthenium Hysterophorus leaves Vishnupriya P International Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences 2011
8. Invitro cytotoxic activity of methanol and acetone extracts of Parthenium hysterophorus flower on A549 cell lines Vishnupriya P International Journal of pharmaceutical sciences review and research 2011
9. Evaluation of Anti-cancer activity of Tridax procumbens flower extracts on pc 3 cell lines Vishnupriya P International Journal of advance in pharmaceutical sciences 2011
10. Synthesis, Characterization, and biological evolution of Benzimidazole Derivatives as potential Anxiolytics Gupta Atyam VSSS J Young Pharm 2010
11. Synthesis, Characterization, and antimicrobial evaluation of 6-substituted 2-Aryl-1-Arylmethyl-H-1, 3-Benzimidazole Derivatives Gupta Atyam VSSS Journal of pharmacy research 2010
12. Antidiabetic activity of seeds of abrus precatorius in Streptozotocin & Nicotinamide induced Diabetic Rats Gupta Atyam VSSS Pharmacologyonline    2010
13. Antidiabetic and Hypoglycemic activity of Momordica Cymbalaria Gupta Atyam VSSS International Journal of Pharma world research 2010
14. A Review on structure Based Drug Design of protein Tyrosine Phosphate 1 B Inhibitors for Target for obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Gupta Atyam VSSS Journal of pharmacy research 2010
15. Design, synthesis and chemical characterization of novel coumarin compounds and evaluation of their biological activity V. Mohan Goud International Journal of Pharma world research 2010

Faculty achievements for academic year 2010-2012:
Sl. No. Name of the faculty Name of the Examination Certifying Authority Year
1. VSSS Gupta Atyam FET JNYUH 2010
2. R. Chinna Lalaiah FET JNYUH 2010
3. Pittu Vishnu Priya FET JNYUH 2011
4. Lalini Velaga FET JNYUH 2011

Faculty registered for PhD in academic year 2009-2012:
Sl. No. Name of the faculty Achievement Certifying Authority Year
1. V. Mohan Goud External Ph.D JNTUH 2009
2. R. Chinnalalaiah External Ph.D JNTUH 2010
3. P. Vishnu Priya External Ph.D JNTUH 2010

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workshops & Seminars:

Sl. No. Name of the faculty Name of the workshops attended Certifying Authority Date, Month & Year
1. Dr. Pavani A. Biomaterials And Tissue Engineering Department Of Biotechnology, IIT, Madras 06-10-2012 to 10-02-12
2. R. China Lalaiah Faculty development program J.B.I.E.T, Hyd. 13-01-12
3. P. Vishnu Priya Faculty development program J.B.I.E.T, Hyd. 13-01-12
4. N. Divya Faculty development program J.B.I.E.T, Hyd. 13-01-12
5. N. Shravan Kumar Faculty development program J.B.I.E.T, Hyd. 13-01-12


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