Alumini Feedback

"*" indicates required fields

1. Relevance of technical knowledge with current job or occupation.*
2. Updation of curriculum activities.*
3. Accessibility of reference books according to curriculum syllabus.*
4. Suitability of curriculum with regard to career orientation.*
5. Ability of curriculum to foster entrepreneurship.*
6. Rate the syllabus of the curriculum with regard to proper distribution of subjects.*
7. Ability of curriculum to support higher learning.*
8. Ability of the curriculum with regard to reasonable practical & laboratory skills.*
9. Rate the value based learning with regard to curriculum in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge and critical thinking in students.*
10. Grade the overall programme of the curriculum.*
11. Infrastructure & Lab Facilities*
12. College Ambience*
13. Administration Assistance*
14. Hospitality of Alumni*
15. Hostel and Canteen Facility*