Student Feedback

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Ability of curriculum to foster entrepreneurial skills among students.*
Capability of curriculum to support higher learning.*
Curriculum-oriented teaching.*
Applicability of syllabus of each course of curriculum to recent trends & developments.*
Provisions for extension of co-curriculum & extra-curricular activities of the college.*
Guidance of students regarding expected competencies, course & programme outcomes of curriculum.*
Whether syllabus is career-oriented according to curriculum.*
Extent of coverage of course according curriculum.*
Rate the curriculum of course in correlation to anticipated teaching-learning process.*
Ability of the curriculum to promote competitive learning atmosphere.*
Lab Facilities.*
Library Facilities.*
Institutional Transport Facilities.*
Hostel & Canteen Facilities.*
Sports and ground Facilities.*
Administration Facilities.*
Internet and other resources.*
Skills acquired at the time of graduation.*
College Ambience (environment).*
Overall rating of JBRPC.*